How to Choose The Ideal Pediatric EHR Software?

A pediatrician, generally a primary care physician who specializes in the medical care of infants, adolescents and children, has workflows that are noticeably different from other specialties and primary care physicians.

And while the initial screening process for identifying the ideal Pediatrics Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is similar to that of other specialties, there are a few important distinctions which you must keep a look out for.

Look for a specialty-based system

Use online sources, EHR rating and review websites, and pediatrician referrals to identify a few of the leading pediatrics-EHR providers out there.

Note: Make sure that you identify at least eight vendors providing a solution for your specialty as opposed to a generic EHR.

Make sure it’s a Cloud-based

In the initial screening, get rid of all the server-based options; shortlist only Cloud-based systems.


There are huge hardware costs (purchase, storage, maintenance and staff) associated with dedicated server rooms in addition to software upgrade costs with server-based systems.

Cloud-based systems cost markedly lesser, and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and a computer.

The cost differs as you do not require a dedicated server room, updates are free (in most Cloud-systems), and expensive hardware does not need to be purchased.

Seek an integrated solution

An EHR integrated with a Practice Management system will enhance coordination between the front desk staff and the billing personnel, resulting in administrative efficiency and higher revenue.

Arrange Demos and ask for pricing details

With such a selection base, your options would have reduced and the next step would be to arrange demos (short for demonstrations) and/or meetings with these potential EHR vendors.

During these demos, you will get a better idea of the product they’re offering and it gives you a chance to see the product’s shortcomings.

Also inquire about their pricing model and how much such a system would cost you. Compare how much each vendor is charging with respect to the services they are offering.

Check how much time they’re taking for implementation, the costs for training, and for services such as customer services (some vendors provide this for free).

Check for features: Family profile, growth charts, questionnaires and clinical encounters

This step can be integrated with the previous step or can also be done after. Irrespective of the timing of the step, you need to ask the vendors if they have provisions for the following:

Feature 1: Family profile

For a pediatrician, the maintenance of a comprehensive family profile with simple functionality whereby you can link charts, demographics, etc is extremely important for analyzing trends and for avoiding duplicate or redundant data.

This can only be achieved if the Pediatric EHR Software has the relevant templates specific to pediatrics.

Feature 2: Growth charts

These use features such as clinical calculators for vitals, BMI, etc, which allow the system to generate charts showing the patient’s growth-progress; making it markedly easier to identify anomalous situations and focus on curative and preventive measures.

Various templates for capturing different data streamline the process, making it a lot more efficient and effective.

Feature 3: Questionnaires

Customizable questionnaires can be integrated with progress notes for early identification of various diseases (particularly behavior-related health issues).

The guardians can be informed and the data can subsequently be shared with relevant professionals; creating provision for mechanisms to deal with the problems early on (which are generally more effective in contrast to late diagnosis).

Feature 4: Clinical encounters

These include a range of templates for both sick-visits and episodic well-visits which work towards making clinical documentation swifter and help avoid potential illnesses in the future.

Once you complete these steps, you will realize that the eight initial vendor options have automatically been reduced to one, or two at maximum. Select the vendor that possesses these features in addition to appealing to you the most (in terms of efficiency, reputation and description) and purchase that solution.