Pediatric EMR Software and It’s Features

An Electronic Medical Record system is an integral part of Pediatric healthcare practices. A specialized EMR system serves all the needs of a Pediatrician. To know more about it, first we need to know what an EMR is.

Children are special patients. Each and every growth, changes in body and problems are to be medically comprehended and monitored to provide best treatment. Pediatricians have to access a varied range of pediatric medical charts to calculate the BMI or the Body Mass Index and the growth patterns of a child’s body. Pediatric Specific EMR Features include:

o Immunization and health maintenance reminders for better treatment
o Document/Image Management
o Online Patient portal
o Specific Pediatric dosage calculations
o Client/Server or ASP based
o E & M based coding assistance
o Computer based management of Documents and images
o Child growth chart (electronic)
o Prescriptions (PDR based)

And a variety of other Pediatric based EMR features.

Acclaimed EMR retailer:

RevenueXL brings to you experienced, proven and best Pediatric EMR software in the market. This EMR software is imbued with a variety of features which makes the Pediatrician’s clinical methods far more automated and easier and helps in providing better clinical services to patients. The software from RevenueXL software runs E & M coder and super bill which are specialized features of Pediatric solutions. The EMR software can be customized to meet the Pediatrician’s needs.

Features of Pediatric EMR software:

o Categorization of Child examination charts according to age and gender to make vaccination and other immunizations easier to track and remember.
o X-rays, ultrasonography, MRI, ECG and other medical images can be stored into electronic charts and can be accessed at just a click. Medical notes can also be created and stored along with these to make monitoring easier.
o Consent forms can be printed out and electronic signature of the patient can also be taken easily.
o Schedule, appointments and billing can be done easily with the EMR software.
o Doctors’ handwriting is very illegible. If you are tired of the chemist asking you to read it out, this software with prescription writing will be a great help. The prescriptions can be faxed or emailed to the pharmacy directly.
o Electronic and integrated dosage calculator makes medicine dosage comprehensive and easier.

Pediatric EMR templates

Customized pediatric templates (specific to different division of medicine) include the following –

o Abdominal pain templates
o Conjunctivitis templates
o Food poisoning templates
o Appendicitis templates
o ENT (ear, nose and tongue) templates
o Viral fever templates
o Sick child exam templates
o Growth chart templates

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